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Beginning in August, Whotune launched our Artist of the Month program, with the first honor going to Tiny Danza! In addition to featuring some awesome tunes on, the Artist of the Month represents the DIY and innovative spirit we encourage.

Combining live drums, synth keys and electric guitar with soulful vocals and tight rapping, Tiny Danza have a signature sound that unifies the best elements of both electronic and acoustic music. The band formed in 2006 after the group’s members, Matt Russo (guitar), Andrew Santaguida (keys), Nick Shao (drums), Andrew Craig (vox) and Galen Hogg (vox), met as students at Etobicoke School of the Arts.

As Artist of the Month, the group will be featured on the homepage, and one of their songs, “Beat Fly”, will be available for free download to the Whotune community. Check out Tiny Danza on

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steph interviews tiny danza

Steph over here at Whotune had the chance to catch up with Tiny Danza, our first Artist of the Month, to get their thoughts on the music industry, touring, Canada and who’s REALLY the boss. Enjoy!

Steph: First, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me as the first Whotune Artist of the Month! This will literally be the best interview the Whotune AOTM program has ever had. To start, how did Tiny Danza form?

Tiny Danza: I am going to blame alcohol for this one.

S: Who's the boss?

TD: Bruce Springsteen

S: Who would you guys list as the band's top three musical influences?

TD: It’s hard to narrow it down to three since we all have such different taste and there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen, if you know what I’m saying. I’d say throw The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Donny Hathaway in a pot and bring to a boil. Sprinkle with Andre 3000 and The Roots to taste. Serve hot.

S: You're based out of Toronto.... What do you think of the idea that to "make it", a band needs to move to LA or NYC?

TD: There is no doubt that there are larger populations in both of those places which hypothetically should mean larger markets, but the grass is always greener. It’s tough to “make it” these days. Many acts have made it in Toronto, which leads us to believe it’s just one of those clichés bands who haven’t “made it” tend to fall back on. Either way, with shows coming up in Quebec City, Halifax and possibly China, it’s looking like location won’t be an issue for long.

S: What's Canada's best national export? My vote is for John Candy.

TD: According to Wikipedia, it's Automotive Parts. There was no mention of John Candy.

S: What's the best show you ever played? The worst?

TD: This one time we played a prom for a bunch of drunk, underage kids. Probably that one for both questions.

S: If you could play a show at any time in any place ( CBGB 1981, for example), where and when would it be? Who would open for you?

TD: Maybe cliché but Woodstock 1969 would be pretty great. Would be tough choosing between Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, CSNY or Janis Joplin to open up for us.

S: Better front man in their heydey: Freddie Mercury or Mick Jagger?

TD: Wildcard Answer: Robert Goulet.

S: I'll be seeing Stevie Wonder at the Austin City Limits Festival in September. I'm pretty psyched for that. Who are you guys excited to see live this summer?

TD: Would love to see Stevie! We’ve already seen two great shows this summer though, Black Dub and Aretha Franklin. Coming up, we’re pretty pumped to hear Gretchen Parlato and her amazing band at the Markham Jazz Festival.

S: It seems like a band can reach anyone anywhere now with the internet. What are your thoughts on online music consumption? Is touring no longer important?

TD: Speaking as a band that has no online presence and has never toured, we'll say maybe.

S: What's next for Tiny Danza?

TD: Probably some sort of cult, either leading or following.

Thanks to Tiny Danza for taking the time to speak with us!

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